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Application for VFG

Discussion in 'Clan Applications' started by abovemydna, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. abovemydna

    abovemydna New Member

    Jul 1, 2017
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    Warcraft III Username: AboveMyDna

    Real Name (Optional): Micheal

    Realm: EU

    Time Zone (GMT): UTC +2

    Average Daily Play Time: 5-6 hours or so

    How Long Have You Played VF (not total time, but for how long since your last break):i've played VF before, but i didint know how to correctly do it, so i started learning like 1 week ago and i am improving step by step with some help from good players:) I am not saying that i play really good or good, it's average at this point, but that's why i want to try applying and learn from the best, get more advices and help!

    Any Old Bans: -

    Other Accounts: -

    Any Former Clans You've Been In: -

    Why Did you Leave Them: -

    Some general information about yourself: Well, im 20 years old. I just finished serving lithuania's army and on my free time i do sports, meet with friends and when i want to chill i am playing VF and learning how to play it better and better every day!

    Why do you want to join us?: Since i am not playing VF for a long time i had a chance to speak with some players from VF in discord/wc3 and they seem really nice and friendly. I know i would like to be in a community with positively thinking people where not only you can enjoy time playing the game but speaking about various things.

    Teamspeak available?(highly recommended): I do have ts, i have discord as well

    Will you be active at the forums? Yes!
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  2. Rugarus

    Rugarus Well-Known Member
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    Feb 22, 2016
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    Be sure to contact VFG members on the website to schedule games. You can also hang out in our Discord channel. There is a tab above that will take you there. Be social, get members attention in order to earn vouches.