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Clan Etiquette

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by Juke, Dec 10, 2017.

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  1. Juke

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    Jan 25, 2016
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    Hello fellow VFG members,

    It has come to our knowledge that some people in the clan have differences how the game should be played. Because of this, we think it's appropriate to remind everyone about our current clan etiquette.

    • Pooling - Teambasing - Multi-human repairing
      This causes a lot of drama between members when it happens. We do NOT wish to see our members taking part of this act. Only exception to this is teambasing with as many entrances to base as there is humans.
    • House blocking
      It's okay to block the path from middle to your base but making completely unnecessary houses on the other side of the map is NOT okay. Houses are meant to warn you if the vampire is coming to you, not to annoy the vampire on purpose.
    • Act up
      We, VFG members, are supposed to be the role models how to behave and play the game. We do NOT wish to see anyone causing drama with others. Especially drama between VFG members should never happen publicly. If you have issue with someone, let him/her know about it with propriety and fill out a complaint. We, leaders, will take it over from there.
    • Smurfing
      If you wish to play under a smurf account, remember to act the same as playing under your main account.
    • Slayer use
      Don't abuse Vampires with your slayer. Give them a chance to use units against other players.

    Things mentioned above are not against the rules. They are against the spirit of the game. Doing them will not get you banned automatically but in a long run there will be consequences.

    VFG Leadership
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Thread Status:
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