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Vampirism Fire 6.0

Discussion in 'Map Releases' started by Rugarus, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Rugarus

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    Feb 22, 2016
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    Change log:

    Mini Vampires re-added (Income timers + passive income removed while main Vampires alive. They now all spawn with 'Speed Aura'. Gold mine income now scales with all extra non Ancient Vampires.

    Multiple base changes

    Wall changes:
    • Diamond wall base HP reduced from 150k to 125k
    • Quartz wall base HP reduced from 100k to 90k (Armor deduction aura increased to -250 from -100)
    • Redberyl wall price changed from 120g to 85g
    • Aquamarine wall price changed from 35k lumber+15 gold to 30k lumber+10 gold
    • Oynx wall re-added
    • Garnet wall resized/new model type
    Infernal changes:
    • Frozen + Corrosive infernal sizes increased
    • New Unholy Infernal added (-10 Armour on contact)
    Command changes:
    • (-c) added for (-clear)
    • (-u) added for (-unclaim)
    • (-reset) added, will set lumber to 10 if 0
    Ability/upgrade changes:
    • Level 2 'Shattering' added (When activated kills: Pearls, Carnelian Walls, and Tents)
    • Poison added to 'Fake Gold Coin'
    • 'Human Teleport' ability removed
    • 'Hell Hound' ability no longer fully takes away control of Vampire + model changed
    • Purchasable Auras added for Vampires (Damage, Devotion) located at their 'Vampiric Research Center'
    • Detonate ability added to Vampire units
    • 'Vampire Recall' ability added to vampires (when activated teleports them to the center map area. Ability is removed at 18 minutes or when the number of Vampires becomes 1)
    • Added new Vampire ability 'Vampiric Awakening' (When activated will clear all major map pathways and create a unblocked path for Vampires by killing any Human 'Houses' blocking that path)
    Item/recipe changes:
    • Health + Mana Pendant will now form into a recipe "Heavenly Pendant"
    • Buying Vampire items as a Slayer will kill the unit (Excluding 'Buy Gold')
    • 'Human Surplus' item cool-downs set to 1 second (Excluding Poison Spire)
    • Added new Vampire item (Bloodletting Staff)
    • 'Demonic Remains' cool-down changed from 60 seconds to 120 seconds
    • 'Wand of Shadowsight' price decreased from 10g to 4g
    • 'Wind Walk Potion' price decreased from 30g to 10g
    • 'Sentry Ward Potion' price decreased from 8g to 5g
    Tower changes:
    • 'Tower Builder' no longer builds 'Mana Energy Tower' (price reduced to 2500 lumber, build time reduced to 10 seconds from 20 and no longer requires 'Advanced Research Center')
    • New 'Time Tower' added (Increases damage each minute it's alive with a maximum of 60 minutes of potential damage stacking)
    • Added new 2nd tier 'Blood Tower' (Unholy Blood Tower)
    • 'Comet Tower' price increased to 15 gold from 10 gold

    Bug Fixes:

    • Teal color fixes have been done. If Teal has claimed his base and a 'Flag' exists in his base, other players can no longer team kill him. Ousting and killing Teal structures in another claimed base is still bugged. Will be fixed in another update
    • Corrosive Infernal looping sound fixed
    • Leaving while cycloned will now kill your Human properly
    • Vote kicking players will cause them to die (Base claim bug fixed)
    • Human misplacement bug fixed(caused when a human is cycloned and a unit takes its place before he lands pushing him out into Vampire's melee range)
    • Vampiric Research Center spawn misplacement bug fixed
    • Multiple 'Blood Tower' bug fixed

    • Hotkeys added to Vampire Attributes in Research Center
    • When a Human leaves the game +40 gold will be rewarded to the Vampires
    • Human players can no longer kill 'Slayer Tavern' or 'Research Center' before 4 minutes into the game.
    • Female Vampire model changed
    • Updated Game Info (F9) Information Tabs
    • Slayer Tracker true sight range lowered
    Site uploader doesn't seem to be working. Download the map here:
    Feel free to post feedback here.
    Please report any bugs here: https://community.vampirism.eu/threads/vampirism-fire-6-0-bugs.22496/
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  2. Name368

    Name368 Donators
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    Jul 26, 2018
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    is it possible to disable coin drop near the sapphire+ wall?
    i cant tell how many times i died because of repair or heal coin click... thats pretty irritating
  3. Rugarus

    Rugarus Firespawn Deforester
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    Feb 22, 2016
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    You can keep your slayer near and coins won't drop.