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Vampirism Fire 6.1

Discussion in 'Map Releases' started by Rugarus, Oct 6, 2019.

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    Feb 22, 2016
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    This version features an October/Halloween themed map. [Please note the map terrain/style will revert to the original in November!]

    I've added a statistic collecting API to the game! It will track game wins/losses, games played and stay %. The win/loss is currently based only on if you were awarded the Victory/Defeat message at the end of the game. If you don't stay till that message you will be awarded a defeat message. I will make a better system in the future!

    In order to track these statistics you must upload your game replay to this website: https://wc3stats.com/upload

    This website will scan the replay and track statistics set in the game.
    If you want a program that automatically uploads game replays download it here: https://wc3stats.com/auto-uploader
    Auto uploader installation guide:

    Change log:
    Wall changes:
    • Red Beryl gold cost reduced to 80 from 85
    • Sapphire wall now requires 'Sharpened Hatchets' research
    • Emerald + Jade wall's now require 'Worker Motivation' research

    Item changes:
    • Highschool Dropouts Toolkit added: When you construct a 'Human Vault' for the first time, 'Dropouts Toolkit' item will be added to your Slayer's inventory. This is a new mechanic that should help making humans a bit stronger early on. The item when used will spawn 4 units to help repair your wall. The item itself will be removed from your inventory 1 minute after you build a Human Vault regardless of if you used the item or not.

    Tower changes:

    • Time Tower now requires 'Advanced Research Center'
    • All Towers that normally required Human Vault like 'Tower of Flame, Calcite Outpost' etc... Now require 'Sharpened Hatchets' and the Vault requirement has been removed
    • Wall of Health renamed to Healing Tower + Super Healing Tower
    • Unholy Blood Tower renamed to 'Holy Blood Tower' Holy Blood Tower renamed to 'Heavenly Blood Tower'

    Bug Fixes:
    • Victory/Defeat message at the end of the game spam has been fixed
    • Lag spike caused when build a Time Tower, and spawning an Infernal for the first time has been removed
    • Map terrain has been changed to a fall color/setting (Will be reverted back to original terrain in November!)
    • Gold Coins are Pumpkins
    • Water is Blood red tinting
    • -tips have been updated

    Download the map here:
    Report any bugs you find here:
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    "Wall of Health renamed to Healing Tower + Super Healing Tower"
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    Lol this isnt Disocrd :D