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Vampirism Fire 6.3b

Discussion in 'Map Releases' started by Rugarus, Dec 2, 2019.

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    Feb 22, 2016
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    Download the map here:

    Previous version - v6.2
    : https://community.vampirism.eu/threads/vampirism-fire-6-2.22817/
    @Rugarus | Rugarus#2110
    @k4yfour | k4#8778

    Change log:

    Statistic Tracking:

    • Fixed Mini Vampire +rating when Vampires win game
    Item Changes:
    • Dust of appearance duration for vampire minion units increased to 2 minutes from 5 seconds
    Tower/Unit Changes:
    • Time Tower price reduced from 25000 lumber to 18000 lumber
    • Orange Calcite Outpost build time decreased from 30 to 15 seconds.
    • Green Calcite Outpost build time decreased from 30 to 15 seconds + damage increased from 8401 to 10000
    • Mini Vampire heal bounce range reduced from 2000 to 1000
    • Gold is now purchasable from your Human instead of from the Black Market Merchant
    Bug Fixes:
    • Dead humans leaving the game will no longer reward Vampires gold
    • (-notips) command added to turn off tips (-tips) to turn on
    • Winter themes added
    • A Giant Present will pop up in the center of the map every 10 minutes, kill it to open it and it will spill gifts around it that you can pick up with your Slayer!

    Report any bugs here:

    I've added a statistic collecting API to the game! It will track game wins/losses, games played and stay %. The win/loss is currently based only on if you were awarded the Victory/Defeat message at the end of the game. If you don't stay till that message you will be awarded a defeat message. I will make a better system in the future!

    In order to track these statistics you must upload your game replay to this website: https://wc3stats.com/upload

    This website will scan the replay and track statistics set in the game.
    If you want a program that automatically uploads game replays download it here: https://wc3stats.com/auto-uploader
    Auto uploader installation guide:
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